How Do Your Masks Work Against Viruses

When the fibers in our mask interact with the air we breathe they combine to block viruses and microbes.  


How Can I Order Masks

We test all of our masks in the United States to meet our high quality standards.  To order in the USA please contact us at info@jjcventurescorp.com.  For orders in South America please contact us at jjccorpventas@gmail.com.  Are masks are made in the USA.

How does wearing a mask help combat the virus?

The materials in our mask trap and kill the virus where other masks do not.  This increases your level of protection against airborne microbes.   Numerous studies have shown that masks help prevent the spread of the virus as the virus spreads through spittle, sneezes, coughing, etc.  Masks cover our nose and mouth thus helping stop the spread of germs.  

CDC Recommendation for wearing masks

What is Viroblock?

Viroblock is a product that was designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and enveloped viruses on textile surfaces.  It's unique silver technology interacts with oxygen to kill bacteria and viruses on contact.  

Viroblock Data (Eng)

Viroblock Data (Esp)